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New arrival in the Kruger Family – 1 x 6000kg Baby 4x4 AMESZ

Steve and Alison Kruger proudly took delivery of a new (slightly used) Mitsubishi Canter FG649 4x4 AMESZ.  Readers of our web page will know that we are both avid photographers and that we love our nature.  When an opportunity to purchase an AMESZ 4x4 Motorhome with 40,000kms on the clock arose we fulfilled a 5 year dream.  As with any second-hand product there is a little fixing up to be done. One wonderful surprise was the helpfulness of the AMESZ manufacturer and its owner Hans.


On delivery of the AMESZ, it soon became obvious that there was a leak issue in the main storage area of the motorhome. A trip to see the AMESZ manufacturer in Perth had them replace the door seals at no charge and reseal a strip which has fixed the issue. The service team spent a lot of time on the issue and with us not being the original purchasers, it was impressive to experience this level of service from an Australian manufacturer. Steve is now working on the refinements to our dream. The first project will be to upgrade to single rear wheels. Once again Hans’ team are being extremely helpful on technical information required.


So in these days where companies often fail to live up to customer expectations,it is re-assuring to know there are some companies out there still looking after the customer.

Thank you Hans and your guys so much.




Gostwyck Chapel Uralla NSW
Only a few kilometres from Uralla is the spectacular Gostwyck Chapel. The chapel was built in 1921 in memory of Clive Collingwood Dangar (1882-1918) by Mr Roberts. Today 200 mature elm trees line the approaches to the Chapel. These turn golden each Easter totally transforming the location. The Chapel itself is covered by a creeper that also turns golden each year.
Why Photography!

On a recent work / photographic stint to Ayers Rock, I realised I was once again by myself photographing a landscape long after all other photographers had left the scene. Standing there got me thinking of what attracts me to photography and what drives my passion?



There is something about taking a photographic image that captures a moment which immortalises the soul with the energy of that scene. I find being in a location at a beautiful time of day is a unique experience which personalises my memory. For me, the more unique the location the more soul clarifying it is. The time and effort to record and actual image is not proportional to its personal value. It’s more about the uniqueness of an image. Uniqueness is defined not only by what it shows, but what is does not show. Infused colour or the absence of footsteps in a desert dune scene is equally important.

Once I have captured an image, it is mine. Sure I am happy to share, but it would be an incredible image if it induced my feelings in that of the viewer.

Please feel free to view my work. I hope at least some of my soul can be seen somewhere in each image. Kruger Photography display just some of my images and is by no means an exhaustive portfolio. If you feel someone from my images or you have a question, please drop in an email!

Bangladesh Bound

Be sure to check out Alison Blog on Bangladesh - http://www.4wdaus.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=section&layout=blog&id=5&Itemid=17

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Hi All

Having been given a new Nikkor 80-400 lense for my D300 camera for Christmas, we headed off down the Condamine Valley to put ot through its passes. I am extremely excited by its results and simply love the new lense.


Cheers Alison

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