Day 100 – 11 June 2015

OK this is one of my favourite spots in Australia, so today we simply parked in the middle of the Pinnacle Desert and took in the scenery.

To celebrate a wonderful day and 100 days on the road, we headed into Cervantes for burger and chips. Yum!


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Day 101 – 12 June 2015

Today I ticked off one of my bucket list items, I walked from one side of Nambung National Park to the other and back. I kept to the sand dunes where possible, but must admit quite a few scratches after navigating the thick brush (10 days later the scratches are yet to heal). About 6 hours later I returned back 4WDaus, but only after seeing some incredible changes in the landscape and reuniting a cute black calf with its mother. OH one of the highlights was this incredible purple lake, I really could not believe the colour! Not sure if it was the blood from my scratches!

Day 102 – 13 June 2015

Steve and I decided to travel to Nambung Station for a stay a few days. To our delight, the owner offered to take us up to see Nambung National Park from the air in his Cessna. It was so amazing seeing the park from the air, where I had walked the previous day and where Steve and I had 4WDrived over the years.


Nambung Station Cessna

The Nambung National Park Red Desert is clearly identifiable from the air.

Nambung Red Desert

As is the White Desert.


And where the Red and White Deserts combine.


And the National Park Centre.


And lastly the Pinnacles


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