6 March 2016

Hill End to Lake Bethungra

Slow start to the day as well sat back and took in a wonderful sunrise. As we had internet Steve took the first exam in his Uni course (which he passed with 94%) and I updated the web page. Going was quiet slow today and there are many hills on the way to Bathurst and 4WDaus is no speed demon (esp when there is a hill involved). On leaving Bathurst we could not resist the opportunity to do a lap of Mount Panorama. Quiet amazing being high up in a truck. A very cool view.

Amesz_at_Bathurst-1 Found a high point at Lake Bethungra and watched the sun set. Like last year the insects started to swam on dusk.


7 March 2016

Lake Bethungra to Murray River.

Earlier start today as we headed for Victoria and the Murray River. Stopped for a quick break at a roadside stop to find an Iveco Earthcruiser there. All brand new looking and certainly an impressive build. This is Earthcruiser No 45 owned by John and Carole. We wish you both many happy years of touring.



8 March 2016

Rest day watching the water move on by.

Have a wonderful evening by the Murray River with much bird life and many cattle for company.

9 March 2016

This morning was the first sunrise for many mornings with some colour. Was wonderful to have the Murray River as a for ground for such a photograph.


Today unexpectedly turned into quiet a social day. Firstly we met Jim, an Albury local who loves taking a photograph and the high country. Jim was keen to show us his special places so we fuelled up in readiness to go. I saw a new looking SLR Adventurer 4×4 Isuzu truck and wanted to photograph. After asking permission we got talking to Kim and John, owners of SLR No 41.  Lovely people who are off to the Big Bash later this year. We hope to bump into them again somewhere down the track. The SLR has a GVM 7,000Kgs, Toyo Super Single Tyres and 300 litres of fuel on board.



The rest of the afternoon we climb the 1,700m into the high country with Jim leading the way. The rest of the day was enjoyed chatting and enjoying the bushy surrounds of Jims favourite camping spot.



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