1 – 4 February 2021

Whilst visiting Monto we decided to take in the Three Moon Art Silo. We also took a look at the water tower at Monto. Great sites. From here we moved onto Kalpowar, of course we took the less travelled roads and even ended up at a mine site. One of our dead end exploration tracks found groves of enormous bottle trees. Amazing.

Camped near Kalpowar for a few days and watched the days go by. We have spent the time buying parts on Ebay for delivery to Rainbow so they would be ready for fitment to 4WDAUS. We also explored the local area.

5 – 7 February 2021

Back to Bundaberg today to pick up some spare parts for 4WDAUS for fitting back in Rainbow Beach. It was also time to catch up with 2 wonderful people, Ross and Ailsa. We spent a coupe of days on their farm with them chatting about good times. We try to decontaminate the truck where it is available of seats and mud.

8 -10 February 2021

A few weeks ago we decided to upgrade the AGM battery system, so we headed back to Hervey Bay for the battery upgrade. 4WDAUS also lost 100kg in weight due to the difference between 3 AGM v 2 Lithium.

11 February – 5 March 2021

Back to Rainbow Beach for some Maintenance including the installation of a 12v / 240v hot water system. Very Exciting! Its 10 Litres and replaces our 16 litre gas system.

Maintenance included, oil and filter change, grease up, improve ventilation system on fridge and battery box, make a new door for the hot water system, wheel rotation, service the Honda generation, paint rims, replace hot water piping, fitment of some new LED lighting and many other tasks.

Also we decided to do some cleanup maintenance on Steves 4WD. Very happy to report it came up great!

Also enjoyed a bit of fun at Helltown near Gympie.

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