The Professionals Take the Lead!

4 February 2018

After such a gastronomical delightful evening, there was still no room left in our tummies for brekky, so we headed off for a mornings walk to explorer the neighbourhood before we met up with Neil and Connie at 10:30am. We love the fact these guys are so full of energy and never short of an idea on what to do. So what to do today? Why not take in the biggest markets in Bangkok at a place named the Chatuchak Markets. So first up was a trip ferry trip and onwards to the train station. It was not long before we were all enjoying the experience and sights of Chatuchak Markets. I a still amazed what you can buy at these markets, everything from pets of every variety to food through to home furnishings and decor.

By early afternoon, it was time to head back toward Bangkok CBD. As luck would have it, we stumbled upon a motorcycle show. Its amazing to see a modern style show, in the middle of Bangkok. The variety of bikes on show was certainly wonderful. This was the Bangkok Motorbike Festival.

The last stop for the day was incredible, Silom Village. Here we all enjoyed a drink, some excellent Thai food and were entertained by some traditional dance. It is so good being back with the professionals again! Thanks Neil and Connie.

5 February 2018

First order for this mornings was a wonder through the brekky food stores before heading off to exchange some AUD to THB. From here we were meeting up with the guys so we could organise the paperwork for the hire car and then off to do some exploring. Today our exploring took us through some of the local temples, china town before stopping for lunch at a Pad Thai restaurant. From here Steve and I decided to wander back to our hotel and the guys took a ferry.

When we arrived back at our hotel we found a bear mascot had gained a set of cool shades and a flower posey. Very cool, thanks to our wonderful hotel cleaners. We met up later with Neil and Connie for dinner at a small local restaurant “The Bangkok Cafe”, the food here was of a very high standard and we all enjoyed the feast.

6 February 2018

Today we headed off to the street markets for breakfast before we caught up with the guys to start our road trip. Bags packed we headed for the ferry to our meet up point.

Soon we were headed off in a general northerly direction in search of our first temple to explore. By 12:45pm we arrived at Wat Worachet.

Next stop for the day was Ayutthaya in central Thailand. I couldn’t believe my eyes when we discovered elephants carrying passengers down the streets around the attractions. As there was a couple of hours before sunset we decided to take in 1 of the local attraction before heading off to find accommodation and a local market for dinner.


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