Day 120 – 1 July 2015

Wow another financial year closed! Well happy new year accountants. Just a short note today as I am going to change the layout of this months blog a little. As we are stationary for a little while I think this month, I will just write some little articles for you to enjoy.

When I was offered the chance to take a flight in an ultra-light Foxbat, I was excited. When that flight was to take me over Nambung National Park I could not stop smiling. AWESOME!

Airoprakt A-22LS

OK Before I get ahead of myself, as it is so easy to do when one has an experience that I will never forget, OK OK yes I did it. Let’s start what is an ultra-light Foxbat?

Manufactured by Aeroprakt in the Ukraine the A22LS Foxbat is an ultra-light aircraft. And when they say Ultra-light – they mean it weighing around 300kgs. You can buy it built or they will send you 152 pieces that you hope and pray you assemble correctly. LOL OK little joke as one is about to take off in something slightly bigger than a ride on lawn mower and sound like one once you start it up. The wings span about 9.5m and is about 6m long. The doors are made of Perspex which is incredibly exciting to me as it makes taking photos so much easier. From a passenger basis, a quick glimpse whilst in the air and you feel like there is nothing between you and the outside world.

As you taxi down the runway, you feel like you are bouncing along in some awkward stilted vehicle. When the engine revs up and you know you are committed for takeoff, the 75m it takes flies by and your concerns are a distant memory as you climb quickly to cruising altitude. Soon the beautiful un-interrupted view (by the doors) of the surrounding bush and pinnacle deserts comes flooding in. Just AMAZING and all achieved without a hair on my head either harmed or out of place. For sure this is a girl’s best friend!

Foxbat also lands in 75m – who needs an airstrip!

So I hear you eagerly ask, where are the photos? Well before I put them here I must thank John so much for my flight – it was an incredible experience I will treasure and so much fun. I can see why owning a Foxbat is so addictive.

OK Here are the photos.

Nambung Painted Desert 26 Nambung Painted Desert 25 Nambung Painted Desert 24 Nambung Painted Desert 23 Nambung Painted Desert 22 Nambung Painted Desert 21

Nambung Painted Desert 28

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