The Dream Begins

In November 2011, Steve and Alison Kruger proudly took delivery of a new (slightly used) Mitsubishi Canter FG649 4×4 AMESZ.  Readers of our web page will know that we are both avid photographers and that we love our nature.  When an opportunity to purchase an AMESZ 4×4 Motorhome with 40,000kms on the clock arose we fulfilled a 5 year dream.  As with any second-hand product there was a little fixing up to be done. One wonderful surprise was the helpfulness of the AMESZ manufacturer and its owner Hans.

On delivery of the AMESZ, it soon became obvious that there was a leak issue in the main storage area of the motorhome. A trip to see the AMESZ manufacturer in Perth had them replace the door seals at no charge and reseal a strip which has fixed the issue. The service team spent a lot of time on the issue and with us not being the original purchasers, it was impressive to experience this level of service from an Australian manufacturer. Steve is now working on the refinements to our dream. The first project will be to upgrade to single rear wheels. Once again Hans’ team are being extremely helpful on technical information required.

So in these days where companies often fail to live up to customer expectations,it is re-assuring to know there are some companies out there still looking after the customer.

Thank you Hans and your guys so much.

Our adventures in our Amesz have only just begun, both in terms of upgrading the truck to our desired level specification, and our planned tripping.

Amesz 4×4 will be the place where we capture all things to do with our Amesz 4×4 RV.

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