17 March 2016

9:00am the our trip leader Alan and Heather in their 4WD, Ian and Chris in their 4WD with 8 Amesz Trucks in tow left the caravan park bound for Craig’s Hut. It was an impressing sight to see all the Amesz Trucks together in convoy making their way down the flat top. Soon the long grind up the mountains began on the dirt. Everyone had already aired down 10lbs for the manly offroad adventure that awaited them.

Arriving at the car park at Craig’s the Amesz soon filled all the available space.



Amesz-Hut-with-Group Amesz-Hugo-1


1:00pm the group left Craig’s Hut to Bindaree Falls. The drive here was lovely as we wound our way further into the ridges and valleys of the area. The Falls are beautiful nestled amongst the cliffs and ferns and there was a small amount of water cascading the 20m drop.



By 4:30pm we all entered stockyard camping area where we settle for the evenings chat about the wonderful day we had beside the river.


Amesz_High_Country-7 Amesz_High_Country-8 Amesz_High_Country-9

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