Ann Beadell Highway – Progress Slows!

20 June 2016

Freezing cold night last night spent camped on the edge of the Ann Beadell Highway. There was still ice on the max traks when we left camp. The road or track I should say deteriorated further today. But the scenery was beautiful.


The desert is currently so green. As we moved along the dunes the trees enclosed the road like a giant archway. Sadly Ross lost a rotating roof vent today, but in his usual spirit, not an issue as he patched it. Arrived at camp having completed 104kms and it was not too long until the sunset and the full moon rose.

Australian-Desert Anne-Beadell-Hwy-Twlight-Gums Anne-Beadell-Hwy-Twlight

21 June 2016

Such a mild night last night. Actually slept with the window open. The temp only got down to approx 16 degrees. During the night it lightly rained a few times, this should be good for holding the sand firm this morning on the track.


Camels_on_the_Connie_Sue-2 Camels_on_the_Connie_Sue-1

We left early as not to hold the rest of the group up as our speeds in the tight tracks has been slower than the rest of the group.

First stop for us today was serpentine lakes.


We arrive at the edge of the lakes with light rain falling and made our way carefully down the rocky track to cross the slippery lake.


With the lake behind us, it was only a few kilometres to the WA / SA border and the start of the spinifex people country. There is actually amenities and signs throughout their country. Over the next hours the roads steadily improved, but the impending storm got darker. The closer we got to Ilkurlka the worse corrugations became. We even had to stop to pick Dons spare tire which had snapped its cable holding it under the tray back dual cab ute.

Camped at Ilkurlka.

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