Day 105 – 16 June 2015

Took Cathie and Geoff on a walk through the Painted Desert before they headed off further north towards Geraldton.

Steve and I helped burn off some of the weedy type grass from a paddock of about 80 acres. The task involved lighting a hand held wick on a small drum of diesel which we walked through the grass leaving a trail of fire behind us. Within no time the grass was burning, fanned by the wind. About 5 hours later we return for a well-deserved hot shower to wash out the strong smell of diesel and smoke.Nambung_Station_Steve-11

Day 106 – 17 June 2015

Rest Day doing photographs of Nambung National Park and walks about Nambung Station.

Day 107 – 18 June 2015

Had a little rain last night, but the big surprise was the sunrise this morning! It seems we were between storms when the sun broke through bathing the area in bright yellow sun, revealing a rainbow against the dark clouds.

As evening approached, our friends, Blue, Bugsey and Beau invited us over for a drink around the camp fire. Soon dinner was ready in the camp oven – roast meat and vegies – so yummie. Soon friends were all sitting down eating a wonderful meal.

Day 108 – 19 June 2015

Weather is still very wet, but cabin fever has got the better of me and I have decided to walk the 20km (return trip) to the Little Pained Desert. The wonderful thing about walking in times like this is if you are game t take you camera along, you can be rewarded with some amazing photos. Managed to duck most of the rain squalls today, only getting a few light showers.

Day 109 – 20 June 2015

A little tired today after such a big walk yesterday. Rain has set in and I feel lucky I did walk today as it rained heavily (on and off) most of the day. Afternoon tea with Sonya by the fire in the guest house was lovely.

Nambung Station Cup Cakes

Day 110 – 21 June 2015

We are both sad on having to move on from Nambung Station as we will miss the wonderful people there we have got to know. Here are some of our wonderful memories of the stay.

Nambung Station Storm Tree Nambung_Sheep_Muster-1 Nambung_Sheep_Muster-2 Nambung_Station_Steve-3 Nambung_Station_Steve-5 Nambung_Station_Steve-6 Nambung_Station_Steve-10 Nambung_Station_Steve-9

Our trip today would take us north to Stockyard Tunnel, sometimes called Stockyard Gully Caves. In this National Park, a little creek (that is usually dry) runs under a mountain. After emerging from the tunnel, the creek then it heads back into a cave, only to exit in the ocean some 40kms away. As you come to the cave / tunnel entrances, you see many bee hives built here to keep cool in the summer.

Day 111 – 22 June 2015

Very cold last night. Rest Day.

Day 112 – 23 June 2015 – Day 119 – 30 June 2015

From the famous book by Alf Passfield, Nambung Here We Come. Steve and I feel a close association with Nambung National Park, just like the first ranger Alf Passfield claimed. We have visited this piece of WA many times over the years. When I lived in WA back in 2009 I was here every weekend I could, soaking up the beautiful beaches and scenery of the likes of The Pinnacles. The few days we spent here just has not been enough, so we turned 4WDaus around today and headed back to Namabung Station. Steve and I have decided to stay a little longer and soak up some more of the area and its various moods. I also want to explore more of the National Park. So Nambung – Here We Come.


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