Day 194 – 12 Sept 2015 to Day 195 – 13 Sept 2015


Left early this morning as we set our GPS to Canarvon. As we pulled out of campsite a large full rainbow could be seen to the west. Shortly the rain started as we headed to the north west coast highway. First stop for coffee as the Billabong roadhouse where we met a group of guys back from 2 weeks of fishing. Loved their big boats, these would be ideal for exploring the coast north of Broome. The view at the lookout near Wooramel is amazing. On a fine day you can see all the way to the ocean. Moving on we decided to stop for lunch at one of the road side bays. Here we met Jim and his wife Ut and they issues with water leaking from their campervan. As we were only 80kms from Carnarvon, we tagged along with them providing a water refill for their radiator every 10kms. We are happy to report they made it safely and on Monday were able to get assistance in fixing the leak in their radiator. On arrival in Carnarvon, we were both eager to catchup Alan and Eunice, our friends from Perth. And as it was close to happy hour the timing was wonderful. Steve and I had a wonderful late afternoon discussing what we all had been doing over the last 3 months. It was soon decided we would have dinner tomorrow night, and we already knew Eunice cooks up a wonderful meal, so we knew we were going to be very spoilt.

Wooramel Lookout


Quiet day spent washing, cleaning, shopping and a little sleeping. With the evening upon us, it was time to see Alan and Eunice and we were totally spoilt with great company and a wonderful meal.

Day 196 – 14 Sept 2015

We had one last catch-up with Alan and Eunice, and Jim and Ut before heading back to the shopping centre. Here we finished up a few more chores, including our refuelling (187ltrs @ $1.449), purchased some more groceries before we visited the Carnarvon Space Museum at the site of the old OTC Satellite Station.

Last time we visited the OTC Station we found access to nothing but the grounds around the buildings and satellite dish. Today there is a Space Museum (opened about 1 year ago) with some excellent exhibits. It is truly a fantastic result that had been created from the many locals, businesses and volunteers. They really deserve everyone’s support and should be congratulated. Entry is cheap at $7 each.

Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum

Astronauts Steve and Alison

Gemini Console Apollo Console Apollo 13 photo Space Museum Display OTC Satellite Dish

On leaving the museum we got talking to Alice and Leo from Toowoomba. They own a dual cab FG84 Mitsubishi Camper. With super single tyres, 300ltrs of fuel and many extras, a very cool build.

Kantabago 01 Kantabago 02

Saying our goodbyes to Alice and Leo we headed north to camp for the night.

Day 197 – 15 Sept 2015

Spent today just relaxing in the bush not far from the Murchison River. Had a visit from mob of emus who came up to 4WDAUS and tried to look inside. When they realised there were people inside, they dropped their heads and ran off into the bush.

Day 198 – 16 Sept 2015


Left our bush camp early today to get a jump on what would be a long day. First stop of the day was Coral Bay. The ocean off the cliffs here is so beautiful. The bay is protected by Ningaloo reef do you can easily see the waves crashing into the reef off in the distance.

Coral_Bay-2 Coral_Bay-1 Coral_Bay_Pano-1

Four_Mile_Well-1 Four_Mile_Well-2

We decided to relive some of our previous 2006 trip by travelling the coastal route from coral bay to Ningaloo station stopping along the way for lunch and a did of the feet into the ocean. Last stop for the day was to visit Thomas carter lookout before finding camp for the night.

Charles Knife Gorge Pano

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