Day 53 – 25 April 2015

Rest day besides Bairds Bay. Rain every 20 minutes lasting for 3 or 4 minutes, with a strong cold wind. Brrrr…but we kept warm inside.

Day 54 – 26 April 2015

There was little wind this morning, but there were still storms around us. In the sunrise you could see another storm trying to squeeze out the light. I managed to get 3 photos taken before the rain started. 5 minutes later it was finished and we were back out photographing the blood red sky and clouds.


We took another drive up the seal colony to see how different the coastline looked without the huge winds and storms pushing the waves in.

From here we back tracked over tracks of 8 years ago, including The White Sands of Yanerbie, Speed Point, Smooth Pools, Point Westall, a stop for lunch at Streaky Bay Hotel and then on to our beach camp near Smoky Bay.

Yanerbie_Sandhills_Steve-1 White Sands of Yanerbie White Sands of Yanerbie Stump Yanerbie_Sandhills_Steve-2

Point Westall Rocks Smoky_Bay_Steve-1 Smooth_Pools_Steve-1 Smooth_Pools_Steve-2

Point_Labatt_Steve-3 Point_Labatt_Steve-8 Point_Labatt_Steve-7 Point_Labatt_Steve-4

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