Day 37 – 9 April 2015

Rest day on the Murray River at Big Bend.

The sunrise was very special this morning. The light as it broke through the cloud it cast beautiful light upon the trees on the other side of the Murray River. Just Beautiful.

Swan_Reach_Big_Bend_Steve-5 Swan_Reach_Big_Bend_Steve-6 Swan_Reach_Big_Bend_Steve-9 Swan_Reach_Big_Bend_Steve-10 Swan_Reach_Big_Bend_Steve-11 Swan_Reach_Big_Bend_Steve-12 Swan_Reach_Big_Bend_Steve-13 Swan_Reach_Big_Bend_Steve-1 Swan_Reach_Big_Bend_Steve-3

Day 38 – 10 April 2015

Rest day on the Murray River at Big Bend.

Big Bend Pelican Pelican Landing Pano

Day 39 – 11 April 2015

Amazing sunrise this morning. The sun had just managed to rise and the mist on the Murray River quickly changed to a thick fog. It was simply incredible watching the scene change as the cloud rolled into the valley. Then as quickly as it appeared, it disbursed to a beautiful blue warm day.

Big Bend Misty Murray River Swan_Reach_Big_Bend_Steve-15 Swan_Reach_Big_Bend_Steve-16 Swan_Reach_Big_Bend_Steve-17 Swan_Reach_Big_Bend_Steve-18 Swan_Reach_Big_Bend_Steve-19 Swan_Reach_Big_Bend_Steve-20 Big Bend Fog Murray River

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