3 December 2014

We had a peaceful night sleep in the forest last night surrounded by pine trees and birds.

Today, we planned to head onto Rainbow Beach and maybe home. First stop of the day was Tin Can Bay.

Tin Can Bay SJK 07

We are getting close to Fraser Island now and we start to see many more tourists. Tin Can Bay is famous for its dolphins. This brings the tourist buses and when they are 4WD and big – Steve & I like to look. This is a 4WD Hino, with work done on it by AT Warrior (the same company that supplied our Super Singles).

Tin Can Bay SJK 01

Talking with the driver, he told us he had once driven the Canter FG649 like ours, and it is a very capable vehicle on Fraser Island. We look forward to doing that trip in the coming years.

Whilst we were on the wharf looking at the dolphin feeding, Steve took some amazing photos of jellyfish as they floated under the wharf – so perfectly formed. The common name of these jellyfish is Blue Blubber Jellyfish and yes they sting. According to the local newspaper these are in record numbers in the bay in recent times.

Blue Blubber Jellyfish

A walk around Tin Can Bay found us looking for coffee again. Sadly the first coffee shop was closed and up for sale. Eventually we found coffee down on the marina.

Tin Can Bay SJK 06

From Tin Can Bay we headed to Rainbow Beach for Lunch at our favourite spot – the SLS Club. They have renovated it’s balcony dining room,  and maintained the view.

Rainbow Beach SJK 02

Rainbow Beach SJK 03

We had been told that Inskip Point was quiet good for a vehicle our size to access the barge to Fraser Island. We decided that we should check this out for research reasons. It is amazing that the crocodile warning signs are now this far down the Queensland Coast.

Rainbow Beach SJK 07

Inskip Point 01s

By midafternoon we had looked at the local real estate and we decided it was time to head for home. We are both very happy with this shakedown trip completed, that the Amesz was better suited to the months and years ahead of us on the road. Tomorrow will be time to clean the Amesz up and do some small repair jobs before heading off again.

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