21 November – 23 November 2014

Day 2

Was a great night’s sleep on the new mattress that we had made up a few weeks ago. Steve had spent considerable time agonising over the structure to be packaged in the mattress. Last night sleep was confirmation of a job well done.

The howling wind we had last night continues this morning, and has made the surf unpleasant to swim in. So we decided to just sit around camp today in the shelter of the truck. So nice having the ability to relax and cook out of the breeze.

Day 3

The wind has dropped only minimally. A short walk up the beach took us to what appears to be 5 or 6 squatter shacks. These shacks have been progressively removed from Australian beaches. We came across many of these dwellings on the WA coast. Whilst I lived in Sydney I found similar shacks in a place named Crater Cove on the North Shore. What views they have of Sydney Harbour. These are now looked after by National Parks, which has helped prevent vandalism.

About lunch time, with the ocean calling, we decide on the first swim for the trip. How wonderful it was to soak up the salt water. To celebrate I decide to christen the oven with a date loaf. How did it turn out?? Pretty poorly actually, but it tasted good. I am so out of practice and will need to try that exercise again. It takes a bit of getting used to the temperatures in the trucks gas oven.

As the evening settled the wind dropped a little so we decided on a walk down the beach to see the stars.

Day 4

The wind has dropped and it’s a beautiful day, the ocean is blue and it is gently rolling in. A good walk south along the beach was in order. National Parks appear to be ripping up large strips on bushland here. I guess (sadly) they will soon make it easier for people to access the area in the name of progress. Sometimes so called progress is sad.

With the improvement in the weather,  and with it being Sunday, the locals have appeared. One local appeared in his gyrocopter and skimmed down the beach at an elevation of about 10m.

With another swim over, our thoughts turned to dinner. Friends in Sydney are currently building a pizza oven in their back yard. So to celebrate we decide on pizza on the Weber BBQ.

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