27 November 2014

Day 8

Another beautiful day on the beach today. Have a feeling from reading the bom.gov.au site today that it will not last, with 15-20 knot winds predicted for the weekend. On our walks down the beach at different times we are finding more and more debris from a boat that has been smashed to pieces. This morning we found a 10m section which was rusting badly.

Alison’s business’ last client goes to a new system this weekend and this means we can head to more remote locations soon, and not have to stay in phone / data contact.

Monday Alison will go for her LR (Light Rigid) truck licence.  This is a practical driving examination, and it will be interesting to see what bad habits she has developed over the years.

Alison was feeling a little creative today, and has prepared a 2 photo panorama of Steve and the Amesz- has a nice feel to it and its good to see Alison getting her hand in again.


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