Modifications and Maintenance

Some of the more major alterations to the Amesz

Amesz Canter 4WD Modification and Maintenance

Occasionally we get asked if we had done any modification or large maintenance jobs on the Amesz Canter 4WD Motorhome. Our vehicle wasn’t 100% suited to us when we purchased it, which isn’t saying it wasn’t perfect for the previous owner, just not us. So we went to town customising a great vehicle so we could live in it for months at a time off the grid and so we could ensure we could access the types of areas we love to visit. This involved many areas of the vehicle including performance, seating and electrics. Today the vehicle is perfect for us.

Front Suspension Bushes Replacement

Broken Front Suspension Bushes July 2016 OK.... must admit that  I was not 100% sure of just  what I was looking at here on the Mitsubishi Canter FG 649,  nor had I realised how bad the suspension bush was.  All we could see was a little flat rubber on the edge of the...

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Canter 3 inch Exhaust and Exhaust Brake Upgrade

 Without going overboard on costs, we wanted to ensure our Mitsubishi Canter (FG649) was getting the most it could from the engine. Some power gains are possible by reducing the impedance exhaust gasses face as they are pushed to the back of the truck. The most...

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Leaf Spring Upgrade – Canter 4×4

Leaf Spring Upgrade - SSA Australia Getting the ride right for 4WDAUS truck was one of the hardest exercises we undertook, The process took far far longer to get right than we had hoped and we under took a few Leaf Spring Upgrades from a couple of manufacturers. We...

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Stratos Seats

One of the first upgrades I have done to 4WDaus Canter was to replace the seats. It was a frustrating and painful process, but once we got past the initial issue of installation and 2 seat rebuilds due to sub quality supplied have found them excellent. Currently my...

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Canter FG649 Amesz 4×4 Camper “4WDAUS”

All About 4WDAUS - Our Amesz 4WD Motorhome We just love our Amesz. Built on the 2007 Mitsubishi Canter FG649 4x4 truck with a turbo 3.9l diesel engine, it’s a great reliable vehicle. The camper was built by Amesz Designs Perth WA, who were renown for building a tough...

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Escape Hatch Seal Maintenance

Over the last 12 months when we have gone to tilt the truck cab we have found it firmly stuck closed. We have put it down to heat fusing the rubber on the under side of the cab and possibly thought a trip to Mr Mitsubishi maybe required to fix it. Luckily for us,...

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