13 June 2016

By 3:30pm we were on our way to chambers pillar. This was a wonderful trip down memory lane for us. We were here in 1999. In celebration we climbed the pillar on arrival.

Chambers-Pillar-Sunset Chambers-Pillar-Sunrise

Chambers-Pillar-Sunset-2 Chambers-Pillar-Sunset-Pano Chambers-Pillar

Chambers_Pillar-3 Chambers_Pillar-5 Chambers_Pillar-8 Chambers_Pillar-1 Chambers_Pillar_Pano-1 Chambers_Pillar-6

Arriving back at the camping ground we met Matt and Simone in their Isuzu Truck Krooza.as the sun set you could see a kangaroo on the to tip off one of the rock formations.



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