Dec 31 2008

Woke on sunrise this morning and we both headed off in opposite directions along the small cliffs to capture our own idea of the sunrise. We had camped beside a fence – another item we love to photograph. With photos taken and breakfast consumed, we headed for adventure further down the road – today we would commence traversing the Nullarbor.

Nullarbor Cliffs Bluff Nullarbor Cliffs Bluffs 01

As we passed Yalata fuel station we noted it has been closed permanently, so we headed for the Nullarbor station instead. Alison got chatting with a Japanese motorcyclist. He had left Brisbane 8 months ago on a Honda Postie Bike. Amazing to see such spirited drive & determination. He left us on his anticlockwise direction towards Adelaide.

Eyre Highway Yalata 01 Eyre Highway East Nullarbor 01  Round Australia Postie Bike Rider 01

Fueled up again, we backtracked to a dirt track to the cliffs and proceeded to 4WD for the next few hours along the tops – stopping regularly to take many photographs. The SA parks departments had starling traps along the track to help control this pest. Once we joined the main road again we looked for more opportunities to break away to the cliffs to see more of this feast of beautiful cliffs and a cave named Wigunda Cave.

Nullarbor Cliffs Steve Nullarbor Cliffs Pano 01

Eventually we wandered into Border Village and chatted with the quarantine officers. From there we 4WD back into SA and along the border on a track called the Telegraph Track. From there we used some old GPS tracks we had made 2 years ago to locate the way to Eucla and our old Campsite.

Border Town SA WA 01

It became obvious the sunset was a non event – one of the reasons we had decided to stay over here was to try and photograph the jetty in the sunset. A trade off was a short 4WD down the beach & then to dinner in the Eucla Hotel. Service was slow, but the servings were generous & tasty. Too tired to see in the new year we 4WD to our favourite campsite.

Camp Eucla

Camp Eucla

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