Jan 1 2009 -Happy New Year!

Slept in, had breakfast, then a drive down to the jetty to try and capture some of its magic. The weather was cloudy and our chances of success minimal. Small breaks in the clouds & patience on our behalf was rewarded. Alison once again climbed the Jetty and sat proudly on the top. A few New Year SMS were sent to loved ones from here as this was one of the few areas to be a Telstra service area.

Soon came the question on how to top the adventure of the previous day? The solution was to 4WD from Eucla up to the Old Coach Road, via some caves and interesting formations. First stop was Weebubble Cave, Chowilla Doline, Abrakurrie Cave and an unnamed dome indent in the landscape. Additionally we found an old car which we decided to photograph as well. We returned to the highway about  3 ½ hours later at Mundrabilla Station, some 100 odd kms closer to Perth. A very worthwhile detour.

Baxter Cliffs Shingle Back Lizard 01 Abrakurrie Cave 01 Wreck on Coach Road Eucla 01 Wombat Burrows Coach Track Eucla 01   Eucla Wharf 05 Eucla Wharf 04

Eucla Wharf 02 Eucla Wharf 01
It was decided to stay a Baxter Cliffs in the Nuytsland Nature Reserve. To do this we once again left the highway at Caiguna and 4WD our way to the cliffs. The track was rough and slow going in places. We arrived about ½ before sunset. Once again the sunset was a non event.

Camp Baxter Cliffs

Camp Baxter Cliffs

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