Day 80 – 22 May 2015 to Day 81 – 23 May 2015

Elachbutting is thought to mean “large thing standing”. Elachbutting Rock is truly a large granite monolith rising out of the wheat fields in the surrounding plains.


This rock is one of the best kept secrets of the West Australia Wheat Belt. People who stop here briefly usually experience Monty’s Pass, Kings Cave and the rocks wave edge. When you stay a little longer, you soon discover there is some much more here to see.

Steve and I spent 2 days exploring the rock and soaking up its changing moods. The rock changes colour depending on how much rain fell on it last night or what time of day it is. The sun rising and sets also wash the rock in colour, depending on the amount of dust or cloud in the air. As the rock runs east west, the sun fully illuminates the northern side of the rock only. This meant we were able to get out best early and late in the day photos from the 4WD accessed lookout. An added bonus was we had the whole site to ourselves, it was so wonderfully peaceful.

Monty’s Pass

Monty’s Pass is an interesting place to walk through. The pass was created when the egg shell layer of the rock slipped down the edge leaving a large scar which is easily seen.

Elachbutting Rock Egg Shell

You enter the pass through quiet a wide opening which then becomes narrower, until you squeeze out through a rocky outcrop. The passageway is about 30m long and not really very dark.

Elachbutting Rock Montys Pass

Kings Cave

Kings Cave is not really a cave, but more of an overhang or hollow. It is still interesting to see.

The Wave

There are a few areas around Elachbutting Rock we found that could be describes as a wave. One area looked like a rainbow with the water that had run down the rock over the years leaving stripes of various earthy tones.

Elachbutting Rock Rainbow Wave 01

Another wave area was taller than the others we saw, again with the characteristic colours running vertically down its face

Elachbutting Rock Wave 01 Elachbutting Rock Wave 02

In another section of the rock the wave is much smaller, but still close to breaking like a wave in the ocean would do.

The Bluff

The rock has its definite sections, and one areas edge is a series of bluffs. These also are coloured as the rest of the rock has become.

Elachbutting Rock Bluffs

The Crater

Near the centre of the rock, the uneven surface creates a look that reminded me of a crater.

Elachbutting Rock Crater Pano

The Lookout

We trekked to the lookout from the camping area and I am sure we slept better for the experience. I must admit though, we drove to the lookout in the 4WD when we realised there was a sanctioned track. The view across the wheat fields and rock at sunrise and sunset was beautiful. As was many of the sunsets, the colours seem to last for an hour and the sun works it way through the dust filled plains west of you.

Wheat Paddock Sunrise Amesz at Elachbutting Rock Sunset Amesz at Elachbutting Rock Sunrise

Elachbutting Rock Steve Sunrise

Elachbunning_Rocks_Steve-12 Elachbunning_Rocks_Steve-11 Elachbunning_Rocks_Steve-10 Elachbunning_Rocks_Steve-7 Elachbunning_Rocks_Steve-5 Elachbunning_Rocks_Steve-1

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