Day 60 – 2 May 2015

First stop today was coffee in the café in Eucla before we headed down to the old telegraph station and jetty.

It turned out to be a very social day today as well, with Bob and Lesley, 2 travellers we met at Koonalda Station, also being at the telegraph station. Throughout the day we also met other travellers including Robin and Marie, a walking club, and Dutch and German tourists.

We photographed both the old telegraph station and jetty 9 years ago and again 5 years ago.

CLICK HERE for 9 years ago

CLICK HERE for 5 years ago – Runabout 2009

The jetty was a big surprise, engulfed by banks of seaweed up to 2m high. The seaweed turn the waters a black oil colour and certainly changed to scene dramatically from previous visits. Also this was the first time that we had seen the jetty at high tide, and along with the banks of seaweed made for a vastly different look.

It is sad to see that the ravages of time and tide are taking their toll on the old jetty. Another large section of the jetty has collapsed into the sea. One big storm could reak havoc on the old structure.

Eucla Telegraph Station Eucla_Telegraph_Station_Steve-1 Eucla_Jetty_Steve-8 Eucla_Jetty_Steve-7 Eucla_Jetty_Steve-6 Eucla_Jetty_Steve-5 Eucla_Jetty_Steve-4 Eucla_Jetty_Steve-3 Eucla_Jetty_Steve-1 Eucla Wharf Sky

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