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Australia is a huge country and it can take its toll on a 4WD. Some manufacturers have saught to address this with the production of tough, go anywhere Motorhomes built on a 4WD truck chassis. One of those original manufacturers was Amesz Designs who started production in the early 1980’s. About the same time Amesz Designs was developing its own expedition vehicles, OKA Australia was also starting up their manufacturing facility, producing their first expedition vehicle in 1992 available to the public. Since then there have been more companies entering the market of supplying Expedition Vehicles like AT Warrior, SLR Motorhomes, Travel Trucks, Unidan and EVA (Expedition Vehicles Australia). Here you will find photos of Expedition Vehicles we see in our travels and occasionally an expedition vehicle for sale.

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Amesz, Australia’s First Expedition Vehicle

Amesz Motorhome by Amesz Designs Perth We proudly own and love our Amesz Canter 4WD Motorhome, so this write up maybe a little biased. Amesz Designs started production in April 2000, producing a vehicle that would enable the adventurous explorer to get out into the...

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Scrubmaster – Expedition Vehicle

Scrubmaster Expedition Vehicle. A relatively new player in the expedition market is Travel Trucks, who manufacture the Scrubmaster Expedition Vehicle. They use the Iveco base for their builds which is becoming more popular in Australia in recent years. They key to a...

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Earthcruiser – Expedition Vehicle

Earthcruiser Expedition Vehicle. Australian designed and made Earthcruiser motorhomes have been gaining popularity over the last 15 years or so. We seem to bump into them everywhere we venture. The original models were built on a Mitsubishi Canter / Fuso 4WD base and...

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SLRV Motorhome – Expedition Vehicle

SLRV Motorhome Expedition Vehicle. Occasionally we come across a SLRV Motorhome in our travels. SLRV Motorhomes started making their expedition vehicle packages in the mid 2000’s and they simply looked like a caravan on the back of a truck, something any backyard...

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OKA 4WD, Australia’s Original Expedition Vehicle

OKA 4WD, Australia's Original Expedition Vehicle. Exciting News! - Update 7 Jan 2019 Today I received notification that OKA is back in Australia - Thanks Dean Robinson. I hear they are hard at work on the OKA RT - Very Cool! http://www.okapartsaustralia.com.au In our...

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AMESZ 4WD Motorhome For Sale ***SOLD***

AMESZ built motorhomes have a reputation second to none in the industry and rarely come onto the market. Steve and I waited 2 years to find ours and I am sure if you read our web site you will know how much we love our AMESZ. Sadly, circumstances have bought a fellow...

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