12 June 2016

Early start today to watch the vehicles come racing down the dusty track on their way to the south where Finke township is. The fastest 10 cars came through from the start line (60kms away) in about 30 minutes.

Just after 12 noon the bikes started and there seemed to be hundred of competitors.

One bike stopped asking for directions to the fuel drop.

Toby Price, winner of this years Dakar bike section went passed with helicopters filming every step of his way. Toby is racing in both the bike and car sections in this years Finke.

Another evening enjoying music, a fire and the locals fireworks.

13 June 2016

Expectations on the high this morning as we prepared for the cars to return. The cars could be heard as they powered up the hill hidden to us by the crest in the road. Suddenly the cars jumped over the crest stretching and then compressing the suspension to the max. There seemed to be many less cars on the return due to many of them pulling out.

The same was true when the bikes arrived, with their numbers greatly reduced.

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