13 June 2016

Working our way back to the Finke we could not find the shortcut from Maryvale.


Eventually we were back on track stopping at a another rail siding. The road to Finke became more corrugated with the added danger of dog spikes laying in the sandy track.



Driving into Finke, the locals were playing AFL and having a great time. We headed for the general store for hot chips and fuel.


The afternoon was spent driving across the green desert plains, just amazing what a little water does out here, surface water and big holes to avoid.


Crossed the NT SA border and stopped for customary photo.

Road_to_Eringa-6 Road_to_Eringa-1 Road_to_Eringa-2 Anne_Beadell_Highway-3

Camped at eringa waterhole near the ruins. These made a great foreground for an amazing sunset. The waterhole was home for many birds and animals and also lots of mozzies.


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