The Franklin Chronicles

Travels with Neil and Connie

4 Great Friends Together

Sometimes to meeting people that change your world. This page is dedicated to just two very special people, Neil and Connie! Over the years we have spent much time with these wonderful friends and have had our lives so wonderfully enriched. They introduced Thailand to us and showed us a little bit more of the world we had not seen. Thanks Guys for the fun, antics, crazy humour and friendship.

Coolah Tops National Park

Coolah Tops National Park - So Awesome! 30 April - 6 May 2019 After a few days in Tamworth it was off to Coolah Tops to do some more bush walking. It took a little longer to get away from Tamworth as I needed to shop for supplies before I left. This would put me in...

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Rest Up in Chiang Mai

Now some time for Rest! 22 Feb 2019 Today we headed back to Bangkok. Alison was designated driver for the trip. Of course we still had some time for sight seeking, so we visited the Wiwak Lam Nao Prai. As we got closer to Bangkok traffic was congested in parts, but...

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Thungsong to Kaeng Krachan

West then North! 15 February 2019 Alison was elected to drive today! First stop this morning was to help Neil's tummy with an injection of cafe amazon and from here we  visited Wat Kang Pla. A unique little temple still very much under construction. Each of the Wat's...

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Ratchaburi to Thungsong

The Expedition Heads South! 8 Feb 2019 Today we did many stopped and only travelled a relatively short distance. The highlight was a fish farm where we were allowed to walk out onto the floating walkways were they fish were being harvested. Another great site was the...

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Bangkok to Kanchanaburi

Back with our Travel Friends 1 Feb 2019 Back to the 3Seasons hotel for a total reorganization and repack of our gear for the trip to Bangkok. Of course as it is the first official day of the flower festival we stopped for a walk through the beautiful stands.  We had...

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Back with Friends

Back with Friends 18 November 2018 Today we decided to take an easy day looking around Broken Hill. So whats to see here in addition to heaps of old mines? I think may favourite place is Bells Milk Bar. It right out of the 70's! 19 November 2018 Today we headed to...

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