25 June 2016

Rain started about 3am this morning. Weather bureau predicting 20mm. I checked road for closure on Internet and found it had not been closed.

Light steady rain accompanied us as we travelled onwards to Yulara.

Don and Janine started behind everyone today. Ailsa got a text that Don got a flat tyre and we stopped and waited. As we sat on the road for an hour, the rain caused the road surface deteriorated very quickly. We switched to 4WD as to keep maximum traction in the now slipper conditions. Checking the weather the 20mm had been upgraded to 40mm and the real chance we could be stopped by road closures as the rain continued.

Crossing the border of WA to NT still needed to be celebrated so we stopped the mud dressed trucks for a very quick photo.


Arrived Docker River 5:30pm and set in for a wet night.

26 June 2016

Rain stopped last night in the early hours. Ross and Ailsa found there fridge not working this morning and traced the issue to the same circuit board shaking loose that we had back in Boulia. Ross also took time to clean truck staring batteries before we set off for Yulara. We were lucky enough to see a beautiful scene for sunrise, with cloud and filtered light everywhere.


Don and Janine left for fuel, only to find that the shop does not open on Sunday’s.

The road around Docker River has been freshly tarred. This was a nice reminder of civilisation. After a few kilometres we were back to much muddy water on the road as we made our way carefully the last few hundred kilometres.


Arrived at the Olgas and we celebrated with a photo before making our way to Yulara Resort.

27 June 2016

Said our goodbyes to everyone after a sleep in as it was a really cold night last night.

Rest day spent at Yulara drinking coffee and soaking up the sun out of the cold 15c degree winds.


28 June 2016

Another lazy day at the resort. Said goodbye to Ross, Ailsa and Wazza before meeting up for a quick catch-up with Katie. Before heading out to camp, we grabbed a shower from the caravan park.

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