1 March 2018

OK We have both had enough of being sick and need to get out of these hotel walls even if for a short drive. We managed to drive to Mae Sariang on the Hong Son Loop. Here we pulled up at the Riverhouse Resort at 11am. We could go no further. The hotel was run down and very average condition, but the view was beautiful.

2 March 2018

Today we headed further onto Mae Hong Son. We took time to visit Wat Siri Mongkol Thammasawas. We must have looked sick as the local monk was giving us juice and food to help us get better. He insisted we sit with him and eat. He was so kind!

On reaching Mae Hong Son, we found a lovely hotel room which was clean and fresh. Our tummies being still feeling horrible we looked for some western food to try and help with the healing process.

3 March 2018

Today we set off to explore the area around Mae Hong Son. We did the steak climb to the Wat Phrathat Doi Kongmu. It has lovely views over the area and you really get a sense of how difficult it is for pilots to land at this airport with the steep mountain ranges that fringe the area.

4 March 2018

Ban Rak Thai which is very close to the Thai border with Myanmar (Burma). This little town has a strong Chinese influence in its architecture and its tea fields.

6 March 2018

Today we explored a bit more of around Pia including the Wat Muai To. Dinner was in what became our favourite restaurant with blandish Thai food. Our tummies were finally on the mend.

6 March 2018

Today we bid good bye to Mae Hong Son as we travelled to Pia. Must admit we didn’t find Pia as great as its publicity would have you believe. A few too many backpackers and pubs and bars. We found a local hotel nearby.

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