Day 40 – 12 April 2015

It was a very ordinary sunrise this morning as we departed the Murray River and headed south towards the point where the Murray enters Lake Alexandria which ultimately meets the ocean. First stop was Murray Bridge where we picked up supplies.


From here our path took us along the edge of Lake Alexandrina.


After a few turns that took us into less than desirable areas around the lake we arrived at Milang.

Milang_Steve-9 Milang_Steve-8 Milang_Steve-6


I visited the local bakery to buy a country style apple pie to celebrate our 14th Wedding Anniversary with and Steve found some interesting sites around town to photograph,
including a 1971 Gold Corvette Stingray to photograph.

After lunch we then made our way to Goolwa. Here we found a power boat race and a couple of hotted up cars to photograph. Goolwa_Steve-5 Goolwa_Steve-3 Speed Boat Supa Nova


As it was our Wedding Anniversary we decided to Camp in civilisation and so we camped at Port Elliot.

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