Return to Bangkok

18 February 2017

First stop today was the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre and visiting a place like this is something I have always wanted to do. What a totally awesome day getting up close to elephants. We sat through the 40-minute show twice which demonstrates how the elephants were used in the logging industry and we  and the ability to paint. The elephant is truely an intelligent animal. I think the highlight for me was watching the elephants take a swim and being sprayed by an elephant with water. Just so cool!

After a wonderful day, we headed off further south towards Sukhothai. The ruins of the Kingdom of Sukhothai has been designated an UNESCO World Heritage historical park and we looked forward to exploring it further tomorrow. After checking into our hotel we headed off for dinner at a local restaurant.

19 February 2017

First up today we headed off to explore the Sukhothai Historical Park. This attraction is huge and the conditions of the buildings and statues were wonderful. The ruins date back to between 1238 and 1438 when Sukhothai was the capital for the region.

As there is quiet a distance back to Bangkok we headed off towards Kamphaeng Phet. Here we found a hotel on the edge of the Ping River. We settled down for a quiet afternoon before heading into the city to see their ruins. It must have been a special night as we witnessed the lighting on hundred of candles placed on the edges of the ruins. Just after dust we headed back to our hotel to enjoy a beautiful meal on the edge of the river.

20 February 2017

The Ping River this morning was still and made the perfect backdrop for a task breakfast. Then it was time to pack the 4WD and start the last leg of the journey to Bangkok. We arrived back into Bangkok just on afternoon rush hour. We all headed back to our hotels for a quiet couple of hours before heading out for our last dinner with such great friends.

21 February 2017

Today was our last day to spend with Neil and Connie. So we all decided to head for a boat trip up the river and then head for a late afternoon tea near the CBD.

Thank you both for a trip of a lifetime that we both enjoyed immensely.

22 February 2017

Today was our first day to head off an explore the CBD. We took the public ferry across the river before walking to Siam Square the retail area. Here we had a great lunch and checked out many shops. By mid afternoon we headed to the train to trail back to the Hilton Hotel. For dinner we decided to try Korean and found a restaurant where you cook your own meal. Of course we also drank some Singha Beer and had a great night, our last night in Bangkok.

23 February 2017

Early start this morning at 6am to make our 9am flight. It was sad to see the end of such an incredible adventure, but we know we will return one day to explore again.

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