1 – 6 Jan 2021

Time to explore around the local area, something we must admit we did not do enough of in the 3 1/2 years we lived here. A pretty little waterhole named Yards Creek was certainly worth the effort.

Additionally we were excited to find Wolvi fire tower. Lovely views long the Cooloola Coast.

We also took some time to rest us and gather our thoughts in Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach. With school holidays and Christmas  just about over, its getting time to do some more fun things.

17 – 22 Jan 2021

There has been a few things we wanted to investigate upgrading on 4WDaus, so we headed off to Hervey Bay to visit 12 Volt Shop. To our delight we found 2 additional solar panels to fit our available roof space taking our solar from 350w to 610w.  We also ordered 300ah of lithium batteries and a new 2000w inverter. This is going to be great when completed in Feb.

To our great surprise, Circus Rio is in town, time to just some silly fun! It was just great enjoying the performances and the craziness of the clowns for 2 hours.

22 – 25 January 2021

Today we headed to Calliope for their Rodeo. Being from the country I just love country people. This event was great to see and we had a wonderful time. You can read more about it in our Travel Galleries.

26 – 29 January 2021

Leaving Calliope behind us we headed to Kroombit Tops.

We love this area as it is not recommended for caravans or non 4WDs. It is also high above the Boyne Valley and offers great views and a cooler climate. We also visited the 1945 crash site of Beautiful Betsy WWII Liberator bomber. We last visited this site in 31 Dec 2012. 4WDAUS still had dual wheels and the suspension was still to be perfected. The crash site has not changed much in 8 years. The local ranges were friendly and we enjoyed chatting with them. They are driving a Mercedes 4WD Ute with large fire fighting tanks on the bank.

30 January 2021

After some lovely restful time spent in Kroombit Tops it was time to head onto Cania Gorge. Its a excellent drive down from the tops and takes in some beautiful scenery. We have past Cania Gorge a number of times in our travels and decided we had ignore here too long. The weather was overcast with the odd shower. We headed up the gorge and took in Dripping Rock, The Overhang, Dragon Cave, Bloodwood Cave and Gorge Lookout. From here we moved on to  Lake Cania and then to Coominglah Forest lookout to watch the sun set before camping near by


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