22 April 2010

First order today after a restful night sleep was to get a dive happening. This is one of the best dive sites in the world and we were both excited.

Gizo Diving 17

Ravia our dive master for the day.Gizo Diving 12 Gizo Diving 01 Gizo Diving 14 Gizo Diving 19 Gizo Diving 20

Happy Christine

After a days diving and snorkelling, it was time to head off to the town of Gizho. Here we got to walk around and meet the locals and wander through the local markets. Returned to Sanbis Resort about 9pm.

Gizo Village 03 Gizo Village 02 Gizo Village 01 Gizo Markets 03 Gizo Markets 02 Gizo Markets 01


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