Justabout 2015 - Heading West

One of our Major Trips


Here we go!

With 2 shakedown trips behind us and a mass of maintenance / improvements performed on the Amesz, the time has come to start enjoying the fruits of our hard work with a major trip. The west (i.e. Western Australia) has been calling us for the last 10 years and we can’t wait to get back there again. There is definitely something about the red sand, arid landscapes, the dry heat and the people there I miss.


The basic plan is to head south, turn right at Sydney and straight on until we reach the Western Australian coastline. No set plans, no set timetable, we will be just out and about (or Justabout for short). So enjoy our adventures as we head off, and remember if you see us, introduce yourself as we love to meet people.


Steve and Alison

Footnote – Our final trip ended up looking like this.