26 April 2010

On our return to Honiara we stayed with a wonderful friend of Christine’s named Lisa who took us on an experience of a lifetime to Mataniko Falls. Firstly we hired a local guide in a small village near Honiara to take us the trek up the steep mountain tracks into the jungle lined valley where the falls are located. The river appears out of the side of a mountain before it cascades so beautifully over the falls. After we cooled down and recovered from the walk to the falls, we floated for what seemed many hours back to our starting point. When we were finished with our float toys that Lisa had purchased for us, they were donated to some very excited children.

Natives Honiara 02 Native Honiara 01

Mataniko Falls Honiara 05 Mataniko Falls Honiara 04 Mataniko Falls Honiara 02

Before we headed to Honiara airport for our trip home we headed to visit the Honiara Markets.

Honiara Central Markets 07 Honiara Central Markets 06 Honiara Central Markets 05 Honiara Central Markets 04 Honiara Central Markets 03 Honiara Central Markets 02 Honiara Central Markets 01

Thank you Lisa for looking after us. Returning home was difficult as we both had an absolutely spectacular time and I certainly hope to return to the Solomon Islands again.


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