Day 51 – 23 April 2015

Left Talia Caves this morning with one of our favourite destinations in sight, Murphy’s Haystacks. But before we left we decided to do some 4WDriving along the tracks behind Talia Beach. Happy to report we didn’t get stuck and were able to leave the area without incident.

The pretty little fishing village of Venus Bay was our first stop of the day, where we were lucky enough to see a couple of fishing boats come into port. The pelicans here are very tame and wait for the fisherman to clean their catch.


Just behind Venus Bay are the cliffs, and a 4WD track to Rincon Beach. This beach is popular with surfers, and we sat and watched them ride some big waves in whilst we made morning tea for ourselves.

From here we did some more 4WDriving through Venus Bay Conservation Reserve as we headed to Murphy’s Haystacks.

Murphys Haystacks Alisons Murphys_Haystacks_Steve-1

Arriving at Murphy’s Haystacks, the weather very much reminded us of our last visit. Also there is something quiet social about this area and we soon met Geoff and Cathie just in time for the happy hour. 8 years ago we also met wonderful people here who took us in for coffee. In those days all we had was a rooftop tent and this was such a joy.

As the sun went down, the overcast day gave way to a sensational sunset. Sadly (from a photographic aspect) there are not any photos to show, as we were both chatting.

It was great catching up with Denis Cash, the owner of the property that contains the interesting rock formations. He generously allows the public to see the Haystacks and maintains clean facilities for the small donation.

Venus Bay Pelicans Venus_Bay_Pelicans_Steve-3 Venus_Bay_Pelicans_Steve-1

Murphys_Haystacks_Steve-11 Murphys_Haystacks_Steve-10 Murphys_Haystacks_Steve-9 Murphys_Haystacks_Steve-8 Murphys_Haystacks_Steve-7 Murphys_Haystacks_Steve-6 Murphys_Haystacks_Steve-5 Murphys_Haystacks_Steve-4 Murphys_Haystacks_Steve-3 Murphys_Haystacks_Steve-2

Day 52 – 24 April 2015

After missing the sunset yesterday at Murphys we were keen to catch the sunrise. No colour this morning, but there was a great cloud bust in the background to see. Eventually, we saw some brief splashes of sunlight, before the sun was hidden by clouds once more.

Murphys Haystacks Sunburst Murphys Haystacks Stormy

We decided to move on today. By the time we reached Point Labatt, the winds had become very strong, and the rain was intermittent and sideways. We parked Amesz into the wind, but this made it almost impossible to open the camper door! It took 2 people working together to manoeuvre inside. It continued to rain and blow strongly for the rest of the day and night. The view was amazing with the waves breaking far from shore before crashing into the cliffs. Why there were any seals there was surprising, but yes they were there going about their daily routines.

Point_Labatt_Steve-1 Point_Labatt_Steve-2 Point Labatt 2 Point Labatt Rainbow Point Labatt

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