Day 29 – 1 April 2015

With Easter approaching we headed off to Renmark to top up with supplies before looking for a camp for the next few days. Fuel taken on was 122 litres ($1.269/Ltr). As this is the first time we have completely filled up, we checked fuel economy and found we are about 19 litres per 100 kms.

Camping spot was found on the top of the cliffs in Murtho Forest Reserve. The view here is incredible as it looks up and down the Murray River with the flood plains on one side and the rich red cliffs on the other. Occasionally, a river boat makes its way along the river.

Murtho Forest Reserve Erosion 1

Day 30 – 2 April 2015

Rest day spent overlooking the Murray River.

Murtho Forest Reserve Erosion Murtho Forest Reserve Murray River

Day 31 – 3 April 2015

Rest day spent overlooking the Murray River.

Murtho_Forest_Reserve_Steve-10 Murtho_Forest_Reserve_Steve-4 Murtho_Forest_Reserve_Steve-1

Day 32 – 4 April 2015

Today was a rest day, spent overlooking the Murray River, but with something special. A blood moon or as it is known a full lunar eclipse.Murtho_Forest_Reserve_Steve-11 Murray River Speedboat Lunar Rise

Amesz Steve Alison Camp Fire

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