16 December 2014

Woke this morning to find we are in the mist and fog. The night air had been filled with the sound of frogs from the local creek which assisted in producing a wonderful night’s sleep. For some reason even the coffee smelt particularly good this morning, I think it will be excellent day.

First up today was a walk to Queen Mary Falls before the rest of the tourists arrive. Before departing we decided to have breakfast in the park with the native birds looking keenly on. One little Blue Wren took a dislike to his reflection in the truck mirror and decided to defend his territory against it. I covered the mirrors on the truck to prevent him injuring himself. It is a pleasent walk to the bottom of the falls. As it was such a beautiful day, we walked up one of the local mountains where we were rewarded with excellent views of the valley towards Killarney.

Blue-Wren-Mirror Queen-Mary-Falls-100

After a short drive to Killarney we happened across Gorgeous Coffee lounge. The coffee was excellent and the lounge has beautiful photos of the river crossings the Condamine River road crosses. Also today was the farmers markets were on in the main street.


From Killarney we pointed the truck on through legume where we stopped for Koreelah creek bridge. Steve loves taking photos of old machines and just after the bridge there was an old rusty case tractor pulling a mining bucket with old truck chassi.

Lunch at Tooloom lookout where the National Park says there are Sooty Owls in the park. I also found a huge tree and could resit hugging it. The forest here is beautiful.


Arriving at Paddy’s Flat we decided to camp amongst the tank traps Next to the Clarence River. It turned out to be an interesting evening. First it was a cloudless star filled sky. Next came the lightening in the distance. As we sat in the darkness outside the truck we could see a cigar shaped cloud roll in, then suddenly rain with wind and then stars again.

Paddys_Flat_01 Tank_Traps_Paddys_Flat_01


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