20 December 2015

Today we ventured further into Torrington State Forest. After some satisfying 4Wdriving down some fire trails we ended up at another dead end, just 2 kms short from returning to the sealed road out. Don’t you just love locked gates.


Bush walking today took us to Brain Rock, Westminster Rocks, Mystery Face And the Boars Head. These rock formations were quite impressive.

Mystery_Face_01-1 Westminster_Rocks_01 Brain_Rock_01-1

From Torrington we turned the truck towards Armidale, visiting Butlers Mine, an abandoned house, the Ottery Mine Emmavile and stopping at the Emmaville Pub for a drink.

Emmaville-Post-Office Emmaville_Service_Station_Sepia_01

Passing through Glen Innes, Steve found some old trucks to photograph, so while he was at it, I walked into town to pick up some dinner. Turns out the trucks are for sale, so if you want a 1 owner LOL – drop us an email and we will put you in touch with the seller.

Glenn_Innes_Vintage_Trucks_02 Glenn_Innes_Vintage_Truck_01

Camped at Dangar Falls where Steve BBQ snags for us.

Tomorrow we head for Tamworth for Christmas.



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