Photos of and Around Chillagoe

alison kruger 1

Alison Setup for an evening’s photographry at the Chillagoe Smelter

Panorama Chillagoe Rampart Section 01

Panorama of Chillagoe Rampart

Panorama Chillagoe Smelter Sepia 01

Panorama of Chillagoe Smelter in Sepia

Tom Prior’s 1965 Shelby Mustang

Chillagoe Amesz

Amesz Truck in the Bush

Chillagoe ArtworkAboriginal Artwork around Chillagoe

Chillagoe Balancing Rock

Balancing Rock – lucky Alison’s there to stop it falling LOL

steve kruger

Steve taking it easy on a hot day

Chillagoe Caves

Yep there are caves in this rock formation!

Chillagoe Post Offiice Hotel Sepia

Chillagoe Post Office Hotel in Sepia

Chillagoe Smelter 1

Beautiful photo of Chillagoe’s Smelter in the twilight

Chillagoe Smelter 3

Chillagoe Smelter in Sepia

Chillagoe Tom Prior Pump

Old fuel pump at Tom Prior’s Service Station

Andy and Vicki

The wonderful Andy and Viki!

Andy Cooking 1

Andy Cooking 2

Andy Cooking 3

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