21 May 2021

This part of the trip, due to time restraints will be a lot quicker than we would have liked. The Tenterfield incident was 6 weeks ago and has compressed the time we have to get to the Finke Desert Race. Also with the constant thread of border closers due to Covid we wanted to get at least into the NT more sooner than later. The first overnight stop for this trip was Durong South, a sleepy little place.

22 May 2021

We joined the Warrego Highway at Chinchilla before stopping at Charleville for the night. We both slept well being back in the middle of now where with little noise to disturb us.

23 May 2021

We took some time to explore the mural art around Charleville before a top up of water and fuel. Charleville marks the start of the Diamantina Development road – Australia’s longest road of 1334kms. We followed this to Quilpie. We stopped for lunch in Quilpie and found diesel @ $1.29/l – so we topped up again. Here we left the Diamantina Development road and took the Cooper Development road were the scenery made way for an industrial landscape. By 3pm we were airing down for the rougher roads ahead. We found camp near Durham Downs.

24 May 2021

This morning we reached the Cooper Creek and found it flowing. We were in Durham Down Station as we headed into the Cook Oil Fields.

We were lucky enough to meet a couple of the local workers who gave us track conditions ahead, Rough and sandy. After heavily using Hema Maps we found ourselves crossing the QLD / SA Border at Arrabury.

The next stop for today was Cordillo Downs Station. Which has the largest stone shearing in Australia. From here we pushed further north towards Birdsville via Cadelga Station. Tonight we camped just short of Cadelga Ruins.

25 May 2021

This morning we spent photographing Cadelga ruins before reaching the Birdsville Development road.

By mid day we arrived at Birdsville.

By 3.30 we were south bound again heading down the Birdsville Track. at 4.45pm we had a very light dusting of rain and by 5pm we were in camp for the night.

26 May 2021

Today we continued along the Birdsville Track to Maree. Stopped t the Mungeranie Road house for a few photos. Got to love the McDonalds coming soon sign!

About 2.30pm we reached Marree.

By 4pm we reached Farina. This is a wonderful project that is protecting the ruins, but also providing a great bakery for the area. We camped on highway just outside of Farina on some very soft ground.

Steve cooked up a spaghetti bolognese for dinner. We stayed round the ruins for the expected full moon rise. Little did we know there was a lunar eclipse a little later. Lucky we did notice how dark it was beaming and watched a beautiful blood moon/eclipse.

27 May 2021

We could not leave Farina without a visit to the bakery. Soon a apple pie, lemon slice and pull apart bread were purchased, possibly the best we have ever tasted! Then we took in the bakery tour before heading back to Maree to get up to date with the world again.

11.30am we turned 4WDaus onto the Oodnadatta Track headed for William Creek. The Oodnadatta Track follows the route of the steam train that once used this area. There are many bridges and staton ruins to see along the way.

Something a little different is the Mutonia Sculpture Park.

The track also passes close to the shores of South Lake Eyre. This is where we camped for the night. There was an amazing sunset and moon rise over the lake.

28 May 2021

Cold start this morning before we ventured off to Curdimurka siding, water tanks and rail bridge.

We also visited Margaret siding and Blanche Springs and the Bubbler

Beresford Springs ruins we stopped for lunch. Sadly there is so much graffiti here. Next stop was Strangways telegraph station ruins and then Irrapatana Siding where we found some rusty old car and some ruins. By the time we reached William Creek we were joined by a SLRV Commander owned by Martin and Renate. They call their vehicle Fidgety. A great name!

Camped on William creek road near Coober Pedy with Martin and Renate.

29 May 2021

Left camp 8.30am and went to Coober Pedy. We caught up on news and filled up fuel. $1.409/litre 303.27 litres. Achieved 22.7 litres per km over last 2000kms. Then it was time to shop at IGA (a really big store WOW). Then out to Visitor information centre and on to the Breakaways . Camped near Marla.

30 May 2021

Caught up on news and the Victorian Covid outbreak has the NT Govt requesting border declaration, so onto the web site to complete. We also thought it might be sensible to complete our journey to NT today. Crossed the Border by late afternoon. Camped near Kulgera.

31 May 2021

Rest Day


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