24-01-2020 – On to Chiang Rai

Today we left Chang Rai to spend some time at Doi Mae Salong district. The roads are very steep and winding.

Here is where you can see Myanmar in the distance. We visited the markets and local temples. I must admit I didn’t like the full on tourism of the area. 

We decided to head back to Chiang Rai to rest before going to the night markets for a big meal of prawns, spring rolls and pad Thai. On our way home we stopped to investigate some colourful lights which turned out to be a temple! Still not sure why?


We both had really good sleeps last night so we decided to have a lay in before heading off for the day. 

First stop for today was the Singha lion after visiting a market on the other side of the road. Also on our way in to the lion we made friends with the guys from the Bangkok bike club. Great guys that we would bump into again.  We then took a drive around the farm. The next stop was the Wat Huai Pla Kang which we saw partly under construction 2 years ago. The stair case, now finished look fantastic with inputs huge white dragons. We also found lunch here and we have very little idea what it was, but it was lovely. From here we took a drive along the Kok River where we came across an elephant camp. We then ventured to the local hot springs to see the sulphur smelling water bubble up. 56c very hot.

Our next stop was the blue temple which has become a major tourist destination. Not so wrapped in that due to the large numbers of tourists. We then took a drive through the local Chinese restaurants to see if there was any new year celebration in the planning which we didn’t find. Abandoned the idea we headed back the Chiang rai night markets for dinner. Here while ordering a panang curry we made some new friends. A great day just taking it easy.


Today we decided to head north to Mae sai, the border crossing town between Thailand and Myanmar.

We took the mountainous road that we had taken 3 years ago. Being Sunday the tourist stop points were very busy.

So we pushed onto Mae sai to find some of the largest markets we have seen in Thailand.  After the obligatory photos we headed to Tasco Lotus for lunch.  From here we drove to the golden triangle before heading back to Chiang Rai night markets for dinner and an early night.


Today we left Chiang Rai for Phayao.  As it is a relatively short drive we took the backroads.

First stop was a fun time at a local market where the locals we just awesome.  We purchased some breakfast and was given some yummy foods to try. Driving through the back roads we met a farmer, saw some traditional fishing and water buffalo. 

Next stop was a temple we saw being built 2 years ago. Wat Mae Loi Rai is progressing but there still appears to be a few years to go. It will be very beautiful when finished.

We then detoured into the a temple with a huge stair case which we climbed to a very Smokey view of the surrounding rice fields.

We then stopped and met some more farmers before Ban Thung for a late lunch.

From lunch we headed to Wat Nantaram temple, a temple made of teak.

Our last stop for the day was the Wat Ku Phang Lang were we met a lovely monk Phaiyont Cha-a. His English made it easy to chat and we looked at his Facebook photos.

We arrived at Phayao just before sunset and got some interesting photos through the smoke over the lake.

Dinner was egg pad Thai at a local restaurant.


Today we had a layback day making our way around the lake that is Phayao. Along the way we saw the less visited side of life of the area. Fishing, markets and just thais relaxing.

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