Day 82 – 24 May 2015

Today we drove to Perth having had a great time at Elachbutting Rock. We will certainly try and return there again. Our first stop of the morning was Bonnie Rock. This rock has a huge water
tank beside it, which is still in use by the locals today. To catch the water the edge of the huge rock has a wall (like a crown) around its sides which channel the rain fall into the enormous tank. While we were there, a huge water tanker pulled up to take away a load.

Bonnie Rock WA

As we sometimes do, to find interesting places we set the GPS to shortest route. Today we were not disappointed as we drove into Mukinbudin. To our surprise, we found a drive in
theatre. Sadly, it had closed down 2 years ago, but it was still in remarkable condition with projector building, ticket box, speaker stands (some still with speakers) and a screen. So very cool.

Mukinbudin Drive In Tickets Mukinbudin_DriveIn_Steve-6

As the drive in seemed a little short staffed, I decided to fill in!

Mukinbudin_DriveIn_Steve-8 Mukinbudin_DriveIn_Steve-2

I love the above photo – should be titled “I think we will need a longer speaker cord”. And of course – what was on? Our favourite “All 4 Adventure”.

4WDaus at Drive In

Also during our travels today we came across the cute little dog named Rusty the Tin Dog. He got his name from Tin Dog Creek which is nearby.

Rusty_Tin_Dog_Steve-2 Rusty_Tin_Dog_Steve-1

Needed a small amount of fuel to ensure we reached Perth, so at Goomalling Caltex, 26l @ $1.369.

Dowerin_Tractors_Steve-1 Dowerin_Tractors_Steve-2

Arrived late in Perth at our usual caravan park in, Forrestfield and was positioned besides a big bus for the night.

Day 83 – 25 May 2015

Back in the big city, it was a day spent getting ready for our flights back east.

Occasionally you meet some wonderful people, you just feel you click with, this is true with our big bus (OK I should call it a coach) neighbors. Alan and Eunice were teenage sweethearts, and they are still very much in love today. We had a wonderful happy hour with them, before Eunice whipped up a wonderful dinner.

Alan and Eunice

Day 84 – 26 May 2015

Bags packed and it was time to get Steve off to the airport for his trip home to Brisbane. After saying our goodbyes, I decided to take a trip into Perth to see the shops and also to take in beautiful parklands that overlook Perth. Steve also made sure I had enough fuel do some sightseeing tomorrow (20 litres @ $1.369).

I spent the evening down at my old haunt Scarborough BBQing a hamburger watching the sun set over the Atlantic Ocean.

Day 85 – 27 May 2015 – Day 89 – 31 May 2015

Up early this morning as I was bound for Sydney to visit family and do a little work.

Syd to Perth

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