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Cockburn NSW SA Border2251 viewsWhat has become a tradition each time we cross the border - a photo to celebrate
Pursuit Special / Interceptor Replica Silverton318 viewsIn Mad Max 1, Max's and March Hare's yellow cop cars were Interceptors, Big Bopper was a Pursuit car, the car that the Nightrider stole was a Pursuit Special. Also in Mad Max 1, Max's black car was referred to as a Pursuit Special in the scene where Max gets shot, you will faintly hear the Main Force Patrol's dispatcher words to the effect that a Pursuit Special has been stolen.
Manna Hill Station188 viewsRailway station South Australia on the Barrier Highway and IndianPacific
NSW / SA Border150 viewsA fun bunch enjoying the day!
Railway Water Tower146 viewsWest or Broken Hill - technology from an era gone by!
Alison gone tropo!
Railway Water Tower132 viewsWest or Broken Hill - technology from an era gone by!
Road status sign155 viewsOnto the dirt finally - our detour to Flinders Ranges
Silverton Creek Bed129 viewsSilverton Creek Bed - tyre tracks along the sand
Railway Water Tower183 viewsLooking great freshly painted
Ruins Waukringa162 viewsThere were disused mine shafts everywhere
Yunta Sign Post213 viewsSign post at Yunta when you head towards the Flinders Ranges
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