Day 21 – 24 March 2015

Left mungo this morning and headed towards Pooncarrie. On our way out we dropped by the Mungo Woolshed and Zanci Woolshed.

Zanci Woolshed

The Darling River goes through Pooncarrie and in years past there were paddle steamers here’s that carried freight vital to the area’s survival. The root systems on the massive gum trees here fascinated me, especially near the old wharf, as they hold themselves to the edge of the steep river bank, struggling not to fall in.

Darling River Pooncarrie Darling River Pooncarrie 2

From here we headed down the High Darling River Road towards Wentworth. As lunch approached we decided to sit on the edge of the Darling River at Para Station. A big thank you to Steve and Scott from Para for letting us camp there for the night. We have never seen the Darling River with so little water in it. It was also nice chatting to Steve from Para about station life. It is interesting that Para Homestead and Woolshed are one of the few original structures still remaining on the river that have not been destroyed by flood.

Day 22 – 25 March 2015

Worked on some beautiful sunrise photos of the Darling River at Para Station until about 11am. From here we headed to Wentworth where the Darling River joins the Murray River. A short drive from Wentworth are the Perry Sandhills where we decided to capture the beautiful windblown patterns in the rich red sand dunes as the sun set.

Darling River Sunrise Darling River Sunrise Para Homested Darling River Sunrise Para Homested 2

OK First a little bit about the Perry Sandhills. They are about 6kms from Wentworth on the Old Renmark Road. There is 400 acres to explore and if you are quiet, you might see an emu or kangaroo. Partially buried by the dunes is a magnificent Murray River Red Gum that is believed to be over 500 years old. One of the interesting historical uses of the dunes was a target for practice bombing in WWII.

Whilst you are not permitted to drive on the dunes, the Perry Sandhills do make a wonderful backdrop as you drive the loop around them. This gave me an opportunity to photograph the Amesz truck against a unique backdrop with the twilight sky above.

Amesz at Perry Sandhills

Although vehicles are prohibited in the dunes, you are not! What an amazing place to see as the sunsets over the dunes.

Perry Sand Hills 01 Perry Sand Hills 05 Perry Sand Hills 04 Perry Sand Hills 03

I do like this photo of Steve up on the dunes, getting the last the photo for the day.

Perry Sand Hills Steve

Day 23 – 26 March 2015

Cold morning outside today, but with the Webasto heater fired up, the Amesz soon reached 17 degrees. Mmmmm.

Had to take a photo of the Amesz near the God Tree (believed to be over 500 years old) in Perry Sandhills. The tree is supported by sand dunes well up into its crown.

Amesz and the Giant Tree

We decided it would be nice to rest up Wentworth and headed into the Vistors Centre for some guidance and ideas. 2 wonderful bright ladies, namely Karen and Donna, directed to the best coffee we have tasted since Sydney.

Wentworth Visitor Centre

Day 24 – 27 March 2015

Another cold start here in Wentworth as we decided to catch-up on washing etc in town. Have found a great coffee shop and are having troubles leaving it behind. Of course, as we investigated the town of Wentworth, Steve found himself a cute red truck (yep he will probably have words to me about that description). OK Further the truck was a 1960’s Dodge V8 pickup. Already where he has posted it on Google+ it has had over 600,000 hits.


The rest of the day we sat at a lock in the Murray River and watched the water go by.

Day 25 – 28 March 2015

Another lazy day drinking coffee and chatting in Wentworth. Was lucky enough to visit the old Tara Homestead and hear its history from Steve. Yes the area seems full of Steves! Took on another 30 Litres of fuel ($134.9/ltr).

Lock 10 Wentworth Twilight

Day 26 – 29 March 2015

No prizes for guessing we are still in Wentworth today. Just nice relaxing and doing the coffee thing. In answer to the emails on where is the great coffee in Wentworth. Well, OK here is the secret! Artback Australia Cafe! your hosts here are a lovely couple Steve and Anne. (Yes there is that name Steve again). Artback is about all to great things in life, coffee, food and art! So here is my little piece of art featuring the Artback Australia Cafe and Gallery.

Artback Australia

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