Now some time for Rest!

22 Feb 2019

Today we headed back to Bangkok. Alison was designated driver for the trip. Of course we still had some time for sight seeking, so we visited the Wiwak Lam Nao Prai. As we got closer to Bangkok traffic was congested in parts, but basically good. After fueling up, we dropped the car back to hertz, we were dropped off at Eastin Grand while Neil and Connie headed to the pennisular hotel.

With the rest of the day free, Alison was off walking along the riverfront to Chinatown where she saw some aboandoned buildings and wonderful street at. She also discovered an area they wrecks cars. Amazing the walls of parts in the street.

Dinner we caught up at the Cafe Bangkok with Neil and Connie for a final goodbye and a celebration of a wonderful road trip which took us along both side of the beaches in deep southern Thailand.

23 Feb 2019

Last night we said goodbye to our wonderful friends Neil and Connie as they continued their adventure flying off to Australia whilst we head off to Chaing Mai. Reading the papers over breakfast this morning we see the pollution levels in Chiang Mai province are high. We hope the winds may clean this over the next few days. Our trip to the airport was awesome with us singing to old 80’s tunes with our cab driver. Karaoke Taxi! After booking backing into our favourite hotel 3Season we found dinner at the Night Markets before retiring exhausted.

24 -28 February 2019

General fun of relaxing and exploring the local sites of Chiang Mia. During this time we became good at catching Grab taxis, buses etc. It was lovely not rushing around and generally kicking back. We even explored further afoot by taking Songhan to the umbrella factory area.

Highlights included:

  • 71 Export is an amazing cool shop with antiques as shop decorations. An incredible please to visit.
  • Catmosphere Cat Cafe


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