Retracing Walkabout 2006

16 September 2018

The first stop today was Elephant Rocks and Greens Pool. Located 15ms west of Denmark in William Bay, Elephant Rocks is a sheltered beached only a few hundred metres east of Greens Pool. Elephant Rocks got its name from a series of exposed rocks, which from several angles resembles a herd of elephants.

The next stop for the morning was Bartholomew’s Meadery where we enjoyed a coffee. From here it was off to Walpole’s giant tingle trees. This tree is huge and was hollowed out as the result of a fire.

We camped besides the Deep River Gladstone State Forest. The amount of rain the last few days has meant the little river was very full and running quickly.

17 September 2018

First stop for the day was Stokes Inlet. Sadly the weather is still miserable and the winds whipped up the inlet.

From stokes Inlet we worked our way to Pemberton, visiting the Gloucester Bridge and Diamond Tree. Steve also learnt on the way that some of his family were from an old saw milling town near Manjimup.

18 September 2018

Arriving at Manjimup we drove off to the old town of Jardee. The town was once owned by Bunnings and now is a pretty little piece of history. We were lucky enough to meet a local man who was responsible for restoring much of the local town. Steve learnt a little more about his ancestors.

19 September 2018

Today we reached Leeuwin, which is also the end of WA South Coast. On our way out to Cape Leeuwin we could see whales close to the beach. You could see mother and baby swimming together along the shoreline. Cape Leeuwin is the most South Westerly point of the Australian mainland. The waterwheel below is also another “must-have” photo opportunity!!! It was left over from the original construction of the lighthouse, having been used to supply the water for the mixing of the mortar. It was fed by a spring, and was for many years used to pump water to the lighthouse. It proved too inefficient (8 litres of water was needed to pump just 1 litre) and so was replaced by an electric pump. The wheel no longer turns, having been calcified by the limestone content from the spring. But it still attracts plenty of attention. Next stop for the day was Hamlin Bay before finding an amazing forest of Grasstrees.

20 September 2018

Today we let ourselves loose in the Margaret River, home of WA wine, food, boutique breweries and chocolate.

21 September 2018

Today we headed off to Canal Rocks before taking a quick visit to Busselton.

22 September 2018

Today we explored around the Hotham Valley. As well as visiting the historic railway and found the Marrinup POW camp.

23 September 2018

The Mandurah Show and Shine show was on today, so we headed off so Steve could get some more great car photos for his collection.

24 September 2018

With the Nambung Country Music Muster preparation due to start it soon we decided to put the foot down and head towards Cervantes.

25 September 2018

Alison wanted to explore Nambung National Park (The Pinnacles) coastal side before she set down to work on the muster.

26 September 2018

Arrived at Nambung Station.


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