Day 1 – Brisbane to Tamworth

Dec 27, 2008

Packing always takes longer than you think. The last 3 days were spent doing various tasks including the fitting of the drawer system to our new 4WD, the secondary & Fridge batteries, wiring of isolators, cut offs, monitoring systems, poly bags, seat covers, 2 GPS systems, UHF radio to mention a few items. Then it was packing everything else into the space that was left. We finally left home at 11am for the relatively short distance (550kms) to Tamworth. Arrived in Tamworth 7pm to visit family and enjoy a meal together.

Day 2 – Tamworth to Silverton

Dec 28, 2008

Leaving Tamworth after a wonderful breakfast & a good evenings company we headed off the 1,100 kms to Broken Hill. Even with the time zone advantange (Broken Hill operates on South Australian Time) we knew that we would be arriving in the dark. Not one to waste an opportunity, Alison was taking photographs of the setting sun with the highway as a back drop.


Barrier Highway Topar Broken Hill 01

Barrier Highway 01

Silverton Creek Bed 01


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