11 Feb 2016

Time to take 4WDaus for a run to test out the changes. Our journey took us from Brisbane up the roads less travelled to Jimna. The roads here were a great test for the new springs and we were both impressed by the result achieved by SSA. Camped in the bush, was great being out and about again.

12 Feb 2016

From Jimna we headed further up the back roads to Mt Perry. The day took us through little places like Mingo Crossing, Mount Morgan. Steve found some photos of his grand father at the now closed mine.

During the afternoon, we further tested our new suspension as we 4WDrived through trails out and around Mt Perry. Sometimes its surprising what you find in the middle of no where and today was no different, we found a lovely little place on the Perry River on weir where we decided to camp the night. It is just wonderful having these remote places to yourself.


13 Feb 2016

Left the weir and headed to Paradise Dam to see where Steves Grand mother grew up in 1893. From here we again took the roads less travel towards Gin Gin and then down the highway to a farm near Bundaberg. Here we caught up with friends Ailsa and Ross. They have a little piece of heaven just off the main highway.

14 Feb 2016

After a wonderful night the 4 of us headed back to Bundaberg for another great night back in the bright lights of Bundaberg.

15 Feb 2016 

Whilst in Bundaberg, we had the truck serviced. Unbelievably, we were given a loaner Amesz Truck for the day, which was very similar to ours but different. The main difference was the super single tires on this Amesz are the 37 inch Hankook Dynapro on a 17 inch rim. These tires look awesome and really look like they could drive sandy tracks with ease. The other accessory we liked was the sunvisor. It seemed to really have a positive affect on the front cabin temperature.



After a day of coffee and a little shopping we said goodbye to Ailsa and Ross and headed for Kinkuna. Sadly Kinkuna was closed again after being open for a short 2 days following local flooding so we turned 4WDaus for home. We are not usually keen to drive at night, but it gave us a chance to fully test the new LED light bar and WOW! The new LED light bar was just excellent and was beyond our expectations in brightness and distance. Arrived home about midnight.

Testing Roundup

The 4WDaus truck has never felt this good. The ride is far superior to what we have ever experienced. SSA have done a ripper job on the suspension.

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