Day 50 – 22 April 2015

This morning’s sunrise at the cliffs at Elliston was colourful. We took some interesting photos, both into the sunrise and away.

Elliston Cliffs Sunrise Elliston Cliffs Sunrise 1

A little later we headed back into Elliston. Waterloo bay, on which Elliston sits, was still and calm. This reflected the scenery around the bay beautifully, including little boats moored in the shallows.


A good coffee was high on the agenda, so we made our way back to the little coffee shop in town, which had served us excellent quality tasting coffee yesterday. With a nerve calming belt of coffee on board it was time to head back to the Talia Caves, aka The Woolshed Cave, where 8 years ago, Alison fell and broke her leg.

Talia_Caves_Steve-10 Talia_Caves_Steve-1 Talia Woolshed Cave

It was with some nerves that I walked down the staircase to Woolshed Cave, but I was determined to finish what I had started last time I was here, and also to see the other caves and Talia Beach. The edge was just as slippery as last time and the smell of the bats equally strong. Sensibly, I stayed well clear of the danger area, and was able to finish photographing the cave and surrounds. The colours and textures here were amazing.

A short drive further on south is The Tub. This cave formation was also amazing with its base open plug hole to the sea. It was quite difficult to capture, but the iPad was able to capture a great pano.

Talia The Tub Pano

The last stop was the Monument lookout, with a view down the long white beach of Talia. This was so spectacular, we decided to sit and watch it for the rest of the day.

Amesz Ignore GPS Talia Talia Woolshed Cave Pano Talia Woolshed Cave Steps Pano Talia Woolshed Cave Talia_Caves_Steve-2 Talia_Caves_Steve-3 Talia_Caves_Steve-5 Talia_Caves_Steve-7 Talia_Caves_Steve-8 Talia_Caves_Steve-9 Talia_Caves_Steve-11 Talia_Caves_Steve-12 Talia_Caves_Steve-13 Talia_Caves_Steve-14


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