1 June 2021

Camped near Kulgera, the weather has been overcast. This has tested our new battery system, currently used more 50% of our 300ah capacity, something we would have never entertained. Last night we had a few drips of rain and it was only a few drips. We also caught up on Anne’s blog https://chatterann6.wordpress.com who has also been doing similar country to ourselves. We also finished bring our website up to date. Felt a very slack not having done it earlier, but motivation has been light for it lately.

This morning we headed northwards arriving in Erldunda Road house about 11am This is the turnoff to Ayres Rock Uluru, and is always busy. They also have a pretty neat emu enclosure, so we stopped to look.

From here we made our way up the highway before a quick visit to Henry Meteorite Craters. We decided to camp west of herein a pretty valley which had no name between to creeks.

2 June 2021

After a peaceful night we headed off to Rainbow Valley. It was here we met Peter and Ellen. We decided to do an afternoon bush walk and enjoyed a great evening around the campfire. We enjoyed campfire cooked spuds and the beautiful sunset.

3 June 2021

This morning we bid goodbye to our new friends and wished them safe travels as we headed westward on the backroads. Once on the Finke Road we realised there were some bikes practicing for this years Finke Desert Race, so we decided to put on hold the trip to Chambers Pillar and spent the rest of the day photographing the action. Met a one of the entries for the Finke Desert Face 2021 Thomas Donnelly from Gundedah NSW. Goodluck Thomas.

Last night we enjoyed a warm campfire with some travellers who have been camping at the race track for 20 years.

4 June 2021

Left our campsite this morning for the trip into Alice Springs to fill up with water catchup with showers and buy some food. Just before we left camp a buggy went flying past on the Finke Race track. This turned out to be Toby Price doing his first run through! Woohoo!

After a day of shopping we returned to our campsite at the Alice Springs show ground, to find out we are camped close to Toby Price. Today can’t get any better than this!

Tonight we enjoyed pizza from the pizza truck in the show grounds.

5 June 2021

After a slow start to the day watching the goings on at CMS Racing we headed for town. Spur of the moment we decided to get the first Covid 19 jab. Of course everything went well except I was a little hesitant! We all left friends, thanks Rani, you were so good!

After our jabs it was off to catchup with an awesome friend we know from Rainbow Beach. We could not believe it when he drove past us in the street and let us know he was in town. Andrew runs a tag a long business Global4WD and is just about to head out from Alice Springs leading his next expedition. You would go along way to find such a nice man and we always love catching up with him.

6 June 2021

Well it seems Steve has come through the Covid-19 first jab with flying colours. Alison has a sore arm and nose bleeds, but generally in good spirits. This morning we headed off to the Finke Merchandise shop opening. Sadly they had no 2021 merchandise, not arriving until Friday next week!

While visiting Kmart we met Warren and Lyn who own a Fuso Camper truck.

Turns our they are travelling with Ann and Ron who we were about to catchup with.

With that out of the way it was time to catchup with Ann and Rob. We have been travelling the same pathway in life for the last few months so it was awesome to put faces to the name and blog. We enjoyed a lovely lunch and found we had met many of the same people in the 4WD truck forum. Its so surprising we haven’t met each other sooner.

7 June 2021

A little bit of a rough night for me last night, aches and pains and night sweats. On the positive side awoke, bright eyed and bushy tailed! Arm tender,  it not paining, think the worst is behind! The big news for today is that Toby Prices trophy truck has finally arrived after the transport truck did a gear box, no Toby wasn’t driving! So we had to take a look!

Then it was time to find the butcher Neil and Connie recommended called Milner Meat & Seafood. From here we it was time to head down the race track to practice our photography. You can see some of those images on the Finke Desert Race 2021 page.

We also took in the view of the Alice Springs Airport Graveyard. Stunning how many plans are here, especially since 2016 when we last saw it.

8 June 2021

Another day practicing photography on the track.

9 June 2021

Rest day – with friends arriving late afternoon to the coming ground. Carl and Annie who we haven’t seen since 2016, Martin and Renata (last week) and new friends Jo and Ann. All SRLV owners with great rigs.


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